The Return of Premier Hearing!

The Beatitudes Campus Wellness Center is proud to announce the return of Premier Hearing! Premier Hearing will be on campus every 3rd Thursday from 8-11:30AM. On campus services include inspections for ear wax build-up, battery sales, hearing aid cleaning and tubing changes. Additionally, hearing tests will be performed in their sound proof booth at their office located at 9th Street and McDowell. To schedule services on campus in the Wellness Center or to schedule a hearing test off campus call 602-253-3532. Campus transportation to off campus hearing tests is available by calling x16135.


Did you know that Beatitudes Campus has a Wellness Center? We do, it’s right across from the Town Plaza Salon in the Culver H. Nelson Administration building.

If you go back in time, to the days before the COVID pandemic, Beatitudes Campus boasted a bustling Wellness Center, offering various services that you’d normally have to go off campus to obtain. First, the pandemic pushed the campus into a lockdown mode, where no one from the community was even able to come onto campus. Sadly, that included all of our Wellness providers. At one point the Agelink building on campus was transformed into a COVID unit. That meant that all of the staff that had offices in Agelink had to be temporarily rehomed. Resident Services ended up taking over the Wellness Center as office space. What we thought would be a brief pause ended up stretching to nearly 18 months. Now, as we find ourselves coming out of the pandemic and facing a “new normal,” we’re proud to announce the return of the Wellness Center! I’d like to take a moment and re-introduce these providers to you.

As always, our trusted on campus Medical provider, Mobile Valley Physicians (MVP), is here to meet your primary care needs. Staffing issues have prevented them from reopening their clinic on campus, however, all of their services are still available to you. Contact MVP at 480-589-2890 for information or to schedule an appointment, and look for their clinic on campus to open just as soon as they have the staff to do so.

To meet your dental needs we have Mobile Dentistry of Arizona. Mobile Dentistry of Arizona comes to campus the 1st Tuesday of each month-you’ve likely seen their giant RV. Inside is a modern, fully-equipped dental office! To schedule an appointment with Mobile Dentistry of Arizona call 480-737-2375. The campus also has a relationship with Smiles by Delivery, and they offer house calls. Smiles by Delivery can be reached at 623-584-4746.

Lab services will be coming back to the campus this Friday! For blood work and lab draws Unique Labs is here to serve. Due to the need for privacy during these services we’re going to use the Agelink Great Room. Unique Labs will be on campus every Friday from 8 AM till 10 AM. Be sure to bring your lab order and a copy of your insurance card with you. Don’t want to walk over to Agelink? Call the Around the Block transportation shuttle at 15007 and they’ll give you a ride! Unique Labs is at 480-765-2677.

Team Select, formerly known as CareToU, is back as well, offering mobile dermatology services. They usually bring their mobile unit and you’ll see them parked near the fountain directly in front of the Care Center. If you have questions about services offered or would like to make an appointment, contact them at 602-639-0189.

For hearing services, we offer up two different options. Premier Hearing is at 602-253-3532 and Better Hearing is at 602-765-7800. While neither of these providers has been able to come back to set hours in the Wellness Center, they still want to be able to offer all of their services to campus residents and during the temporary closure of the Wellness Center, Premier still saw clients via house calls. Better Hearing is looking to return to Wellness Center hours after the first of the year and we’ll be sure to bring you information when they do.

Maybe you need to have your eyes examined or it’s time for a new pair of glasses. Eyes on Site is here to help! They are on campus the 3rd Thursday of each month and they work by appointments. If you’d like to make an appointment, give them a call at 480-626-8925.

Are your feet giving you trouble? Would you like to be seen by a Podiatrist? We’ve got that covered as well. Dr. Christopher Sheena with Billet Podiatry is on campus the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Dr. Sheena has been seeing patients in their apartments; however, with the Wellness Center reopening, he’s going to shift to seeing his patients there. To make an appointment call 480-661-6061.

Our goal is to provide you with as many of the services that you need as we can. Many of you already have a great relationship with a provider in the community but if you’re in the market for a new provider we hope you’ll give one of these a try. Is there a service that you wish was offered on campus but isn’t? We’re always looking for new ways bring services to our residents, so if you have a suggestion, reach out to me by calling 602-995-6119 (x16119 on campus) or send me an email at [email protected]. I want to hear your ideas about how to make the Beatitudes Campus Wellness Center even better!

Be well!

National Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month, and it gives us an opportunity to address issues surrounding mental health and our community. One of the most common conditions that affects many of us at one time or another is depression.

Depression is more than ordinary sadness that comes and goes; although we sometimes use the word in a more casual sense, depression also manifests itself as more than a passing blue mood. Although depression is not an “expected” part of aging, it can accompany life changes that are common to the aging process, such as the death of a partner or friends, physical illness and other life changes.

It’s important to know that help is always available, whether you are feeling down for a day or find yourself in a more persistent state. While sometimes mood can be improved by taking a walk, listening to music, or talking with a friend, there may be times when more intervention is needed.

One group of local professionals is the Crisis Response Network. Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, their trained counselors are there to listen. Your call is confidential, and they can help by problem solving with whatever situation you present. They are there with the “Hot Line” to help if you have thoughts of suicide, but also have a “Warm Line” if you just need to talk to someone confidentially. The Crisis Response Network Crisis Line can be reached at 602-222-9444.

You can also reach out to our Campus staff with whom you have a good rapport, or to those who have had the Mental Health First-Aid Training course. As the name suggests, the “first-aid” training helps staff evaluate whether you would benefit from a more involved professional intervention, and they may, in turn, suggest calling the Crisis Response Network. The Crisis Response Network can send a team of professionals your way, at no charge, to do a more detailed interview. There are no flashing lights or emergency vehicles, just two “plain clothes” mental health counselors. They may offer either in-patient or out-patient support groups, connected with behavioral health networks, to address more persistent needs. This process lets you be in charge of how much help you want, and when you want it. Whether your feelings of depression are temporary or long term, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the support that is available.

Campus Responders with Mental Health First-Aid Training:

Rev. Peggy Roberts, Sr. VP of Spiritual Life, x16109.

Rev. Andrew Moore, Associate Chaplain, x18481.

Josephine Levy, Success Matters Resource Navigator x16117.

Crisis Response Network Crisis Line (602) 222-9444.

A Clinic is Coming, A Clinic is Coming

A CLINIC IS COMING…We are happy to share that Mobile Valley Physicians (MVP) will be joining us on campus in the next couple of months, offering primary care services, podiatry, home health and rehab referrals and coordination, chronic disease management, end of life care planning and hospice coordination. Beginning around July 1, 2019 they will be staffing couple days a week until caseload increases to be able to add more days. They hope, in time, to be open Monday through Friday. Look for more info coming soon…

Home Grown

We have had some leadership changes within the last few month in the Health Care Center as well as our Assisted Living and we are happy that the changes are familiar faces since we promoted from within.

The first change to take place at the beginning of January is Teresa Borton, RN became the licensed Health Care Administrator of our Health Care Center. Teresa began an Administrator in Training (AIT) program in April of 2018, completed the 6-month program in September, and then passed her State and National exams in November and December. Teresa, prior to her AIT program was our Director of Nursing since April of 2015. Teresa had always expressed an interest in Administration and we are pleased we could assist her.

Prior to joining us at Beatitudes, Teresa was the Director of Nursing at Grandview Care Center. Teresa became an RN, mid-career after spending over 20 years in the dental field. She shared that growing up she always wanted to be a nurse and she made that dream come true. When Teresa is not at work, she is home enjoying time with her husband, Steve. Teresa also is the proud mom to Danielle and Josh and the beloved Grama to Hunter and Dean who she shared are the “lights of her life”! Teresa loves coming to work each day to have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

The second change in Health Care Center management is Suzanne McLaughlin taking over as the Director of Nursing. Most recently, Sue was the Director of RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument) which oversees the process for submitting resident assessments to Medicare for payment. This is a very detailed process and Sue even holds a certification to ensure the RAI’s were submitted accurately and timely. Medicare and the Office of the Inspector General have been auditing and tightening down on skilled nursing facilities for unnecessary overpayments from Medicare. Beatitudes has not been found to have any unnecessary overpayments. For a couple years prior to her transfer to the Director of RAI position, Sue was our Assistant Director of Nursing supporting Teresa as the Director of Nursing. Now these two are back together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. There is no relationship in skilled nursing as trusting and strong, or as necessary as the Director of Nursing and the Administrator. Sue and Teresa have worked together for years and balance each other well.

When Sue is not working, she, too, is spending time with her love, Steve. Sue also shares her love with her 4 children, 5 wonderful grandchildren, her crazy puppy, Louie, and her 2 furry felines, Stewart and Oliver. Sue will likely retire within the next couple of years to Minnesota as she has another important job awaiting her there as Gramms. Sue said the Beatitudes has been her favorite place of all to work because “of the kindness, caring, compassion and friendliness that embraces our campus.”

The third and final change for our Health Services management team is that of Zeus Del Rosario becoming the Director of Assisted Living and Memory Support. Zeus was hired as the Nurse Manager in September of 2018. We soon found out that Zeus’ compassion, leadership and relationship building was what we were missing in Assisted Living and Memory Support leadership. Zeus completed his Assisted Living Manager certification training and became licensed by the State of Arizona in February. Zeus has made great strides in his couple of months of day-to-day operations and residents and families have expressed how impressed they are with him and his leadership. Prior to coming to Beatitudes, Zeus worked as an LPN in skilled nursing and long-term care as well as his family has a group home in Gilbert, AZ.

Zeus grew up in a Filipino family-oriented culture which “respects and treasures our elders, which I believe is what influenced my drive to be in geriatric care.” When not at work, Zeus enjoys playing basketball, baseball, soccer, football and working out and he is a big comic book fan, especially Marvel comics.

In closing, I would like to share how proud of Teresa, Sue, and Zeus, I and the Administrative team are. These three have chosen stressful, highly regulated jobs and are on call almost 24/7 and they do it out of love, because they love our residents, our staff and our mission. I would also like to thank the staff, residents and families that support Teresa, Sue and Zeus as they work to fulfil our mission daily. Please know that they are there to assist you, answer questions and provide resources as needed. Please join me in congratulating Teresa, Sue and Zeus in their well-deserved and hard-earned promotions.


DID YOU HEAR: New Hearing Loop System and the Importance of Addressing Hearing Loss

Many of you may have noticed the signs in recent days announcing that a new audio induction loop system has been installed in the Life Center. An audio induction hearing loop is a unique type of sound system for use with hearing aids that provides greater sound quality when listening to presentations. Most newer hearing aids are embedded with a telecoil receiver setting that can be used with this type of sound system to enhance sound quality, but directions for turning this setting on and off vary greatly by type of hearing aid. Due to the wide variety of hearing aids on the market, you will need to contact your audiologist to learn whether your hearing aids are enabled with this telecoil setting and how to turn it on and off. If you use hearing aids, this is the perfect time to give your audiology provider a call to utilize this new system in the Life Center.

On the subject of hearing, it seems timely to address the importance of hearing in maintaining quality of life at any age. The World Health Organization (2014) states that untreated hearing loss can have a debilitating impact on multiple facets of an individual’s quality of life. For example, research has shown that individuals with unaddressed hearing loss are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating, decline in cognition, decreased self-esteem, and feelings of isolation (World Health Organization, 2014).

Additionally, a 2012 study by Johns Hopkins University indicated that unaddressed hearing loss was correlated with three times the risk of falling among adults. The good news is that by addressing hearing with your healthcare providers, whether you have new concerns, or it is just time for a checkup, you are taking a step with the potential to transform your well-being and social participation for the better. Along with using hearing aids when needed, it is important to advocate for yourself in social situations and utilize hearing protection when exposed to loud noises. Although age related hearing loss is common, there are steps we can take to minimize the impact of hearing loss on quality of life.  We hope you will consider exploring hearing aids for a variety of health and wellness reasons if you have trouble hearing. And if you already have them, talk to your hearing aid provider or audiologist to learn how to take advantage of the hearing loop technology in the Life Center.

[Editor’s Note…]

The loop system at Beatitudes Campus has been a longterm project brainstormed within the Communications Committee for many years. We are highly thankful for all previous work done by this committee to make this vision a reality today.

Quarterly Air Filter Change

Please be advised, Maintenance Technicians will be in all residential buildings—Central Park North, Central Park South, Central Park West, Plaza North & South, Plaza View and the Health Care Center. On Thursday, Jan 31st, between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, to change out the air filters in all resident homes. Due to the size of this task, Maintenance is unable to provide a specific time for the filter change.  If you would like to be home when Maintenance changes your air filter, please adjust your schedule accordingly.


New Medicare Cards

Medicare has recently changed their health insurance cards.  If you have traditional Medicare, you will notice that previously your Social Security number was used as your medical identification number as well as your Medicare Number.  As we know, over the past several years there has been nationwide concerns with identity theft and this is one way Medicare is addressing the concerns to minimize the risk of future identity theft.

Most of you should have already received your new Medicare card in the mail.  If you have not, please contact the Social Security Administration to ensure your address is correct.  You may contact them at or by calling 800-772-1213.

It is important that when you receive your new card that you destroy your old card and replace with the new one which has a unique combination of letters and numbers and provide a copy to all of your health care providers. Please see the example below.

In addition to replacing your card, we are requesting all residents/responsible parties to provide accounting with a copy of your new card.  You may take it personally to their office in Agelink or it can be sent in with your monthly payment so that the new information can be updated in your Electronic Record here on campus.  Accounting’s office is open from 7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.

Having the most up-to-date information will assist with transition so that if you are sent to the hospital we can provide them with the most current and up to date information.  Additionally, it allows a smooth billing of Medicare if you are admitted to the Health Care Center for a short stay or need to utilize Home Health or Outpatient Therapy services on campus.

Please be advised that only health care professionals should be requesting your Medicare card.  The Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) also wants beneficiaries to beware of anyone who contacts you about your replacement Medicare card, as scammers have already targeted recipients with new ploys. CMS officials say they will never ask a beneficiary for personal or private information or for any money as a condition of getting a new Medicare number and card.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at x16111. *

Healthy Holidays

The holidays are often a time of joyful experiences, but they can also bring about unique health challenges. During the season of giving, it’s still important to take care of yourself; we hope to provide a few tips to stay healthy this winter.

Be Mindful of Medications: With winter cold and flu season upon us, be mindful of over the counter medications, which can have unintended side effects. For example, medications that have sedating or pain mediating effects, such as decongestants and cough syrups, can lead to confusion. Consult your doctor before taking beginning new over the counter medications for cold symptoms, and always being aware of multi-symptom products that treat coughing, sneezing, pain, etc. These medications can contain similar ingredients to medications you are already taking, which can put one at risk of overdose.

Healthy Healing Alternatives: Try alternatives to over the counter cold and allergy medications, such as resting, drinking more fluids, saline nasal sprays, and drinking honey in your tea for coughing.

Winter Workouts: It’s easy to fall away from your usual exercise routine during the holidays, but maintaining an exercise regime for 30 minutes a day helps boost your mood and energy levels. Try to carve out regular time for yourself to prioritize exercise even on busy days.

Seasonal Schedule: Keeping a usual medication and sleep schedule, especially if you are travelling, also boosts your immune system and energy levels. Aim to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, and be consistent in taking your medications on time. If traveling, have an updated copy of your medication list with you, along with your labeled medications and pill organizer. Before you leave for a trip, make sure you have enough medications for the duration of the trip and for the days after you return, so you won’t need to rush to refill medications.

Holiday Food and Spirits: Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging during the holidays, but it is important to stick to your regular diet as closely as possible. It’s okay to treat yourself, but eat rich, fatty and sugary foods in moderation and add more vegetables to your holiday plate. This season is also a time when people are more likely to drink alcohol at parties and gatherings. Studies show that regular drinkers have a tendency to over-imbibe during the holidays, while many holiday drinkers who do not drink regularly need to be aware of their lower alcohol tolerance. Be mindful of the risk of confusion and falls when drinking, and ask your physician or pharmacist about how alcohol interacts with your specific medications.

Keep these tips in mind and
enjoy a happy, healthy holiday
season this winter!! *


Success Matters 2018 Year In Review

This year kept us busy—join us on a tour of highlights below:

We welcomed Occupational Therapy interns from A.T. Still University and NAU. Laura Milligan, Brian Keene, and Courtney Ramos each contributed to our Campus in their own ways. An extra “thank you” to Campus Residents for welcoming these young professionals into your homes and your lives.

We joined forces with Resident Services and Comfort Matters in our five-part Summer Series “Behind the Curtain”, which benefitted greatly from resident input.

We travelled to San Francisco for the American Society on Aging Conference.

Jessica participated in the leadership training with the Nollau Institute, and continues to be involved with the Caregiver Support Group; Better Breathers; Low Vision Support; Grief Support; and Accessibility Committee.

Josephine continues volunteering as a Medicare counselor with Area Agency on Aging, and completed her Assisted Living Manager Certification.

We continued our own staff training with our SimulAge experience, expanding it to quarterly trainings with new staff from across Campus.

We provided resident driver screenings with the help of NAU OT students, partnered with AARP to offer the Safer Driving Course, and presented Down the Road: Driving Decisions and  Alternate Transportation Options.

We partnered with the Health Services Advisory Group to offer a Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) for residents, staff, and community members.

Educational offerings this year included Safer Stepping; A Matter of Balance; Financial Resources 101; Scam Awareness; Life Planning Documents; National Healthcare Decision Making Day; Medicare ABCs; and GoGo Grandparent / Transportation Alternatives.

We spoke at the Desert Christian Fellowship Luncheon about services on and off Campus.

We presented to Valley Leadership members about aging issues and how businesses might  address them.

We were hosted by Plaza South at their Spring Party, and had a great evening visiting with our 19North neighbors.

We hosted the Crisis Network to educate employees about how Network services can aid residents and staff.

Health and Wellness Committee partnerships included Blue Zones for Healthy Living; End of Life Planning Panel; and treating pain with Alternative/Integrative Medicine.

Thanks to the residents who work so closely with the Spay/Neuter Hotline to identify and trap cats on Campus.

We are looking forward to 2019 and the joy of the coming year!

Interested in getting monthly email updates from Success Matters, or in sharing our news with family? Send or call Josephine with the email address you would like added to our list! *


The long awaited news has arrived and we are able to host not only a second flu-shot clinic but also – FINALLY – offer shingle shots. The pharmacy is receiving more vaccines now and we should be able to accommodate a fair amount of requests at this point. We all know flu shots are important, but they are not the only one that matter. At this coming clinic you will be able to receive any of these vaccines:

Tetanus Shot – The tetanus shot, known as Adacel, should be given every ten years. This shot has an added benefit of not only protecting against tetanus, but also diphtheria and pertussis. Pertussis is also known as Whooping Cough, and is an important vaccination to have for those who spend time with grandchildren to protect them from this illness. When filling out the vaccination form for the pharmacy, you may simply write in “tetanus” next to desired vaccines if you wish to receive this shot.

The pneumonia shot is very important, and should be considered just as necessary as the flu shot. Pneumonia can not only result in hospitalization, but can also be acquired in the hospital when visiting for other health issues. It is wise to protect against this illness not only as we age, but especially in those with other long term health or breathing conditions, such as COPD, bronchitis, and asthma. There are two pneumonia shots available, and the appropriate shot is determined by both the date and version of the last pneumonia shot received. Please be sure to indicate your doctor’s name when requesting the pneumonia shot so that the pharmacy can contact your doctor and find out which version of the shot you need.

The new shingles shot should be given even if you have had a shingles shot any time prior to 2018. While the old vaccine was thought to protect for life, time has shown that it is not as effective as once thought. The new vaccine is much more effective, and should protect you for life. It is given in two parts – one shot now and one shot later in two to six months. While the tetanus, flu, and pneumonia shots are often covered by insurance without a co-pay, the shingles shot will sometimes require a co-payment depending on your insurance and how much you have paid into your deductible for the year. The end of the year is a good time to get this shot because you may have paid through your deductible by this time. If you want to get this shot, be sure to include your phone number on the form so the pharmacy can contact you if a co-payment is required.

Everybody knows how important the flu shot is. This should be given every year as soon as possible. Like others, the pharmacy offers the high dose or “senior” flu shot, which is designed to get the best immune system response from patients over 65. This shot can be given the same day as the shingles, pneumonia, or tetanus shot.

It is important to request every shot you wish to receive on the pharmacy form, even if you’ve previously turned in a separate request. The forms are once again available at the Welcome desk in the Administration lobby. You must also provide your Medicare number and any additional Insurance information you may have. It helps if you bring your cards to the clinic in case the team has any questions. All completed forms must be turned in at the Welcome desk by no later than Friday November 30, 2018.

The 2nd clinic will be held Friday, December 7th from 9—11AM (AGR).

Please check in at the intake table. Vaccines will be administered by the pharmacist and two of his team mates.

We are looking forward to serving you. For any questions until then, please call Gabi Holberg at x18490.*

We Are Here For You

Beatitudes Home Health has a wonderful new program that allows 1:1 Speech Therapy in your home, for those experiencing memory or communication problems. The Cognitive Communication Program is designed to detect possible cognition and or communication problems and offer retraining, strengthening and helpful strategies to improve skills and overall cognitive communication abilities. The skills include: speech/articulation skills, word finding skills, swallowing issues, memory skills for immediate, short term and long term memory; and cognitive skills that can include retraining and strengthening for organization, problem solving, decision making, reasoning, sequencing and attention. This program may also assist with function skills such as; self-awareness, self-motivation, initiation, goal setting, planning and mental flexibility.
Those clients that would likely benefit from this program have a medical diagnosis of any of the following; dementia, aphasia, dysarthria, dysphasia, stroke, apraxia, TIA, hard of hearing, Parkinson’s, cardiac arrest, COPD, hypoxia, aneurysm, hypertension, poor eating and drinking habits and cerebral hemorrhage. This program is covered under your Medicare benefit as well as United HealthCare. This can also be provided on a private pay basis. If you think you may be a candidate for this program, please call us at 602-544-5000 for more information.
As a reminder, Beatitudes at Home also offers a case management program. The wellness nurse case manager would be available to you, on a private pay basis (unfortunately it is not covered under your medical insurance), either monthly or weekly to discuss upcoming procedures, managing a new diagnosis, assessments, crisis intervention, medication management, care coordination and so much more.
You will be gain an advocate, as well as emotional support, with the knowledge and clinical skills of the nurse. All too often, we see residents/clients that have a primary care physician, along with multiple specialty doctors, and few if any of those physicians are communicating with one another. This unfortunately, may lead to medical errors. Having someone assist in coordinating your care can ensure that new medications, or any other concerns are being relayed across the continuum as needed. If you would like to discuss becoming a client, please call us at 602-544-8527. We would love to assist you.*

Are You ALTCS Curious?

The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is designed to help people pay for long term care. Part of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, AHCCCS (pronounced “access”), ALTCS (pronounced “all-tex”) provides support for both children with substantial needs as well as older adults. ALTCS is part of the Medicaid system, and it has very specific medical and financial qualifying guidelines.

To qualify medically, applicants will be interviewed by a nurse or social worker who will come to your apartment. The interviewer will ask for a list of current medications and recent medical records. Questions are designed to evaluate activities of daily living (“Can you dress yourself? How long does it take?”). They may ask about recent falls, as well as orientation to time and place. In order to qualify medically an applicant’s level of need must be determined to be at or near a nursing home level of care. I often observe these interviews on Campus and have found the interviewers to be friendly and helpful.

While the majority of people who receive ALTCS services do live in assisted living or higher level of care, an ALTCS designation does not mandate setting.  If an individual lives at large in the community, or in an independent living apartment here on Campus, they can still qualify for ALTCS services. However, in these cases ALTCS will provide (pay for) caregivers to assist with needs; these caregivers can be from an agency or someone of your own choosing, including your spouse. If you are in independent living, ALTCS will not help pay for rent. If you live in assisted living, they will.

The second qualifying category is financial. Income and assets are evaluated to see if a person meets the qualifying standard. If you have over $2,000 in a checking account, or earn more than $2,250 per month (these numbers change for married couples) you will not appear to be financially eligible. However, the financial guidelines can get complicated. For example, if you earn over the monthly limit, but meet other criteria, you can have an income-only trust set up that will allow you to qualify. It can pay in the long run to have your application handled by experienced ALTCS planning professionals or elder law attorneys. Please feel free to contact me at x16117 if you have questions about ALTCS.*

Hand Arthritis workshop

Have you ever realized how important your thumbs are in your everyday life? Join us for a FREE Hand Arthritis Workshop. Try out simple gadgets and practice techniques to reduce the strain on your joints, making everyday activities easier. In addition, learn about an exciting research opportunity. Open discussion Q & A forum with Dr. Cindy Ivy, Certified Hand Therapist from Mayo Clinic.  By the end of the workshop, you will give yourself, Two Thumbs Up! Join us this Friday, July 20th at 1PM in Agelink Room 1.*


Falls Prevention at Beatitudes

Success Matters is holding a summer session of the SAFER Stepping falls prevention program, which is not offered anywhere else in the country. The SAFER Stepping acronym stands for Surefooted Aging with Falls-related Education and Resources, and the workshop was carefully designed for Beatitudes Campus residents.  When many older adults think about falls risks, they consider balance and the obvious trip hazards, but few consider the many other components that combine to contribute to an overall increased risk of falls.  The SAFER Stepping workshop was developed to address all of these factors.  SAFER Stepping meets twice weekly for an hour and divides time between developing strength, coordination, and balance through exercises, AND systematically addressing the following falls-related factors: fear of falling, vision and hearing related falls risks, brain health and nutrition, medications related to falls, advocacy and how to discuss falls with health professionals, friends, and family, as well as home and environmental risks and adaptations.

The next SAFER Stepping workshop will begin again on Tuesday, August 7th at 3:00PM and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks through September 13th. Call Jessica Meyer at x16110 to reserve a spot or be put on the waiting list for the next available course.*

Shingles Shot Clinic Update

There is a new formulation of the shingles shot, called Shingrix, and you’ve inquired about it. It is believed to be much more effective than the previous Zostavax shot. Even if previously vaccinated with Zostavax, the new shot, Shingrix, is recommended. You should wait at least two months before being vaccinated again. Not sure if it’s been long enough? No one should have received Zostavax within the last two months as it has almost entirely been removed from the market. The new shot is administered in a two-dose series, with the second dose being administered 2-6 months after the first. We are preparing to facilitate a shingles clinic with Fry’s Pharmacy in the very near future. In the Fall, Fry’s will return to give the follow-up dose and at the same time hold another flu clinic.


According to Mike, the Pharmacist, he is seeing what he calls a “mixed bag” in terms of coverage from Medicare and other plans. Given that it is a two-part shot, the cost may be a factor since the patient must pay twice! Out of pocket, the shot costs around $160.00 per dose. However, Mike has seen $0 co-pays with Medicare and $60+ with others. Bottom line: it depends on your personal insurance coverage. Mike is willing to pre-bill ahead of time and contact you with a price via phone. To do so, he must have a completed Administration Record form on file along with a copy of your insurance cards, front and back, Medicare and Supplemental if applicable. Be sure to include a good phone number to contact you at.

To sign up, simply go to the front administration receptionist and ask for a Shingles form. They can also make copies of your insurance cards for you. Once you have the form completed, return it along with the copies of insurance cards to the receptionist. She will hold them in a safety box until I pick them up and fax them to Mike. He will take care of the rest. Last day to turn in your forms is Sunday, July 8th. For more information, call Gabi Holberg at x18490.

If you want to learn more about the vaccine, type the link below in your web browser:

Shingles Shots & Wellness News

Some of you have asked about a Shingles Shot Clinic.  Since there’s a new shingles shot available, pharmacies currently only receive small lots of that vaccine (10 shots at a time).  Our Fry’s pharmacist is working on getting that limitation lifted and will be happy to come to Campus again once he is able to request a higher number of vaccines.  At that time we will want to make sure we can confirm 25 or more participants.  If we don’t quite make that number or if you don’t want to wait, Campus Transportation will gladly take you over to Fry’s on our scheduled shopping days to receive your shingles shot.  Updates will be posted in the RoadRunner.

Massage Therapist Extraordinaire JoAnn Clinton has reduced her on-Campus schedule to once a month:  every first Tuesday in the Wellness Center W-Office.  She does, however, make special trips to Campus for house calls – how amazing is she!!!  To schedule your appointment, call 602-730-2508 and leave a message if no answer; she’s likely with a client.

Mobile Dermatology service is brought to you by CareToU.  You may have seen their Van parked by the Care Center Fountain.  Regular screenings can lead to early detection, which leads to greater success in fighting skin cancer.  Their next visit will be Thursday and Friday, June 21st and 22nd.  Call 480-202-3914 to schedule your appointment today.

Temperatures are on the rise!  Stay out of the heat and take advantage of other wellness services right here on Campus.  For your convenience, the full Wellness Center Schedule is posted in this edition of the RoadRunner.  Why not put it on the fridge?

For any questions and/or suggestions regarding your Wellness Center, call Gabi Holberg at x18490.