Shout Out – Sarina Clifton

clifton-sarina-photoshareSarina Clifton (Nursing) was thanked by a fellow employee for her willingness to step in. Over the summer she had covered admissions for a week and the need arose again. Just recently she helped the department by covering admissions again moving residents in and filling out the necessary paperwork. It is great having someone with the knowledge and the willingness to jump in when any need arises. Thank you Sarina for jumping in and keeping the ship on course.

Shout Out – Leona Fox

fox-leona-photoshareLeona Fox (Dining) was recognized for going above and beyond. She always fills any special requests for residents and always keeps a smile on her face to cheer up any diners. She is always willing to jump in and help with anything. She does a great job in Plaza View keeping the tables neat and clean. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Leona!

Shout Out – Charles Wesley

wesley-charles-photoshareCharles Wesley (Dining) was commended by a resident for going above his job duties to help her. This resident came to him and ask him for support with an iPad that needed an upgrade but she was having trouble downloading it. Instead of brushing it off as not part of his responsibilities he was able to get the upgrade completed for her so she could go back to using the iPad as normal. Great job Charles for helping create an amazing helpful place to live for our residents.

Shout Out – Angel Enojos

enojos-angel-photoshareAngel Enojos (Maintenance) was called out for his friendly demeanor with every job he does. Multiple residents have commented on how happy he is doing his work every day and he reflects that fun loving, friendly face onto each and every person he comes into contact with. Thank you Angel for always having a smile and keeping our residents cheery in every passing. Keep up the awesome work!

Shout Out – Ellen Flug

flug-ellen-photoshareEllen Flug (HCC) was recognized recently for being an amazing team player. The 3rd floor nursing station was a man down and while the staff were doing their best to keep on top of everything, it was apparent they were struggling. Ellen took her own admission work up to the 3rd floor and began helping the team by answering phones, responding to residents, and families and physicians while also doing her own work. Way to be a great team player Ellen. We sure are glad you joined our team and really appreciate you!

Shout Out – George Klink

klink-george-photoshareGeorge Klink (Nursing) was recognized by a coworker for his excellence during a very hectic time. She said:

I couldn’t think of a more amazing spirit to be here last night to experience two of our dearest residents passing away within mins of each other. It takes not only a brave soul but a compassionate and strong soul to comfort both families (in different ways) and still be able to attend to the rest of your residents on the same night. So if I break it down correctly you mastered 2 admissions during 2 passing away of our residents within the same hour, that would make you the MAN OF THE HOUR! As you stated “this will be a night to remember” but this will also without a doubt in my heart gained you extra points in Heaven with God. Thank you so much for all that you do, especially here at Beatitudes! You are the prime example of Radical Hospitality in the HCC! You wear your smile as a part of your uniform and we appreciate you for that!”

Shout Out – Kimberly Cuellar

Kimberly Cuellar (Dining) has made a life changing and very patriotic decision. At the end of July she reported for duty in the United States Army! She was a great addition to our team and always helped the residents with a smile and we will miss her greatly. We know she will succeed while in the service and we wish her the best of luck going forward. Thank you for your service to our country Kimberly!